Please call for a quote or fees. In general, it is helpful to know the approximate square footage and city.

Radon Testing

Radon testing is per monitor. Most homes only require one monitor, but we'd be happy to make adjustments for homes with multiple foundation types and for re-testing. Call for a quote. Reminder: Bundle this with the inspection and save!

Laboratory Mold, Asbestos or Well Water Testing

Mold testing is available through our partner Mold Test USA. www.MoldTestUsa.com.

Contact them directly for a quote and ask to have Kevan Zinn assigned! 1-877-554-6653

One Component & Bank Letters

For example, roof only or basement only. Usually per area or specific site concerns. This includes a written report.

Commercial or Apartment Building Inspections

Because we inspect many types of commercial properties this rate is again based on total square footage, age, and intended use of the building. In this case it is especially important to be accurate about the number of cooling and heating systems, electrical panels, and specifics related to each building. Calling for a quote is recommended.